Your Green Heat Module
Style, meet function.

Hargassner boilers are classed as the Mercedes of biomass; as a result, they are built to last. The WHT200 includes over half a tonne of fire bricks just to keep in the heat. When it comes to durability, our module is no different and is made with high-quality parts and maximum insulation. Every module arrives with a 25 year structural integrity warranty.A�The Green Heat Module (GHM) is a fully automated, self contained unit thata��s made specifically to house the Hargassner boiler its components, including the remote-monitored fuel store.


Caption-PhotoFrom Delivery to Installation

Your Green Heat Module will be delivered from the back of a larger vehicle and laid on a prepared site. Then your new system is connected to a single flow and return pipe, cold water feed and electrical supply – all buried 90cm underground. The groundworka��s will have already been completed by our own engineers prior to delivery, so once the GHM is sited and the accumulator tanks are heated, we make the final connections to bypass your heating system. Any interruption to your heating is minimal with the average time to switch-over being just just three to four hours.

What’s Inside?

Your Green Module contains:

  • 1 x 199kW Hargassner boiler a�� with 20 year warranty
  • 1 x 2600 litre stratifying a�?intelligenta�? accumulator tank
  • 10 tonne fuel store
  • Heat meter and all pipework

What’s Outside?

The Green Heat Module is a purpose built container that provides excellent protection against theft and vandalism. There are also a number of aesthetic options to allow them to blend into your environment. They can be pre-painted in a range of colours, clad in various materials or vinyl wrapped with imagery of your choice.


Your Green Heat Module arrives with a comprehensive guarantee and series of extended warranties, which include:

  • 25yr thermal integrity warranty
  • 25yr structural integrity warranty
  • 20yr boiler warranty
  • 40yr paint coating warranty

Whata��s more, your Green Heat Modulea��s paint coating does not require annual inspection and is a maintenance-free product of up to 40 years Inland and 30 years for a Coastal application / installation.


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