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Why Get a Biomass Boiler?


Apart from being great at cutting the cost of your fuel bills each year and helping to save the planet, the wood pellets used to generate the heat – taken from local, sustainable forests – are completely carbon neutral. Compared to other renewables, a biomass boiler using this type 100 mg clomid and twins. of fuel gives you more heat for your money than alternatives on the market today.

If you’re paying more than £900 per month for your fuel bills then there’s a good chance you qualify to receive a FREE Biomass Boiler as part of a new government initiative. Call us on 0800 009 3003 to see how much you can save. We’re finding many of our clients are literally cutting their bills in half every year and pay nothing for installation or ongoing support.

What’s more, using a Biomass boiler protects your organisation from future green taxes, such as the climate change levy, which has recently been enforced for larger fossil fuel outputs.

Go Green and Multiply

The Green Heat Module (GHM) is a fantastic way to have commercial wood pellet biomass on site. The fully automated, self contained unit is made specifically to house the Hargassner boiler and all its components, including the remote monitored fuel store. With a 93% efficiency rating, wood pellet boilers are first choice for cost-conscious consumers. What’s more, they shut down when heating is not required and start up automatically.

Certainly, if you’re currently using LPG, Oil, Kerosene or Electricity then you’re seriously missing out on a unique opportunity to make huge savings – as high as 70% in some cases.

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We’re not sure how long this new government incentive will last but we do know that while it does, it makes a lot of sense to have a brand new Green Heat Module fitted and serviced for free every year!

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