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Wood Burning Biomass Solution to Qualifying Businesses


Commercial Biomass Boilers, an Eco-Friendly Heating Solution

Our commercial biomass boilers use wood pellets, a bi-product of UK wood write my essay manufacturing waste which produces heat, with far less impact on the environment than conventional fossil fuels.
As a result of a low carbon dioxide emission, the biomass energy is classed as virtually carbon neutral renewable energy. That is why a commercial biomass boiler is an eco-friendly heating system that is not only kind to your wallet but also the planet.


Most companies are extremely conscious about reducing their carbon footprint as well as reducing soaring heating costs, more and more businesses are looking at our Green Heat Module (GHM), because with zero maintenance costs and potentially savings of up to 70% on traditional heating fuels, it is most definitely a wise move.


To find out if you qualify, click here: Do I qualify for FREE biomass boiler.



Read more on the benefits of biomass boilers for you and for the environment:

Advantages of Biomass Boilers
Reduce your heating bills by up to 70%

Advantages of Biomass Boilers
Reduce your carbon footprint by up to 90%

Advantages of Biomass Boilers
Free servicing, parts, labour & call-outs

Advantages of Biomass Boilers
No maintenance costs


So how much can you save?
Call us on 0800 009 3003 and find out today!


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